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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bruce Lee Homescreen

Download Bruce Lee Homescreen Here.
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Bruce Junfan Lee (November 27, 1940July 20, 1973) was a Chinese American martial artistactor regarded as one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century. and

Lee's movies, especially his performance in the Hollywood-produced Enter the Dragon, elevated the traditional Hong Kong martial arts film to a new level of quality and popularity. Lee would use filmmaking to prove and to demonstrate his fighting theories in Jeet Kune DoJackie Chan, Jet Li, and Chuck Norris. Bruce Lee movies sparked the first major surge of interest in Chinese martial arts in the West. The direction and tone of Bruce Lee's movies have forever changed and influenced martial arts and martial arts films in Hong Kong, China, and the rest of the world. Lee became an iconic figure particularly to Chinese; as he portrayed ChineseChinese nationalism in his movies.[1] Many see Lee as a model blueprint for acquiring a strong and efficient body as well as developing a mastery of martial arts and hand to hand combat skills. Bruce Lee's evaluation of the traditional martial arts doctrines is nowadays seen as the first step into the modern style of mixed martial arts.

Biography Source: Wikipedia

Coca-Cola (Coke) Homescreen

Download Coke Homescreen Here.
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Coca-Cola is a carbonated cola soft drink, produced by the The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) of Atlanta, GA. The beverage is widely referred to as Coke, a nickname eventually trademarked by the company. Coke is one of the world's most recognizable and widely sold commercial brands.

Originally intended as a patent medicine when it was invented in the late 19th century, Coca-Cola was acquired by the businessman Asa Griggs Candler, whose shrewd marketing tactics led Coke to its world-wide soft drink market dominance during the twentieth century. Though beset periodically by critiques of its health effects and by allegations of wrongdoing by the company, Coca-Cola has remained an internationally popular soft drink.

Info Source: Wikipedia

Friday, February 10, 2006

Hulk Homescreen

Download Hulk Homescreen Here.
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Scientist Bruce Banner's (Bana) quiet life as a brilliant researcher working with cutting edge genetic technology conceals a nearly forgotten and painful past. His ex-girlfriend and equally brilliant fellow researcher, Betty Ross (Connelly), has tired of Bruce’s cordoned off emotional terrain and resigns herself to remaining an interested onlooker to his quiet life. One day a simple oversight leads to an explosive situation and Bruce makes a split-second decision; his heroic impulse saves a life and leaves him apparently unscathed -- his body absorbing a normally deadly dose of gamma radiation.

And yet, something is happening. Vague morning-after effects. Blackouts. Unexpected fallout from the experiment gone awry. Banner begins to feel some kind of a presence within, a stranger who feels familiar, slightly dangerous and yet darkly attractive. All the while, a massive creature -- a rampaging, impossibly strong being who comes to be known as the Hulk -- continues its sporadic appearances, cutting a swath of destruction. The military is engaged, led by Betty's father, General "Thunderbolt" Ross (Elliott), along with rival researcher Glenn Talbot (Lucas), and both personal vendettas and familial ties come into play, heightening the danger and raising the stakes in the escalating emergency.

Synopsis Source: Tribute.Ca

Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire Homescreen

Download Goblet of Fire Homescreen Here.
Download Required Plugin: Fizz Traveller 2 Plugin and Smart Monitor
Read Installation Instruction Here

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) must contend with being mysteriously selected to compete in the prestigious Triwizard Tournament, a thrilling international competition that pits him against older and more experienced students from Hogwarts and two rival European wizarding schools.

Meanwhile, supporters of Harry's nemesis, the evil Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes), send a shockwave of fear throughout the wizard community when their Dark Mark scorches the sky at the Quidditch World Cup, signaling Voldemort's return to power. But for Harry, this is not the only harrowing news causing him anxiety…he still has yet to find a date for Hogwarts' Yule Ball dance.

Synopsis Source: Tribute.Ca

Da Vinci Code Homescreen

Download Da Vince Code Homescreen Here.
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While in Paris on business, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call: the elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered inside the museum. Near the body, police have found a baffling cipher. While working to solve the enigmatic riddle, Langdon is stunned to discover it leads to a trail of clues hidden in the works of Da Vinci -- clues visible for all to see -- yet ingeniously disguised by the painter.

Langdon joins forces with a gifted French cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, and learns the late curator was involved in the Priory of Sion -- an actual secret society whose members included Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo, and Da Vinci, among others.

In a breathless race through Paris, London, and beyond, Langdon and Neveu match wits with a faceless powerbroker who seems to anticipate their every move. Unless Langdon and Neveu can decipher the labyrinthine puzzle in time, the Priory's ancient secret -- and an explosive historical truth -- will be lost forever.

Based on the best-selling novel by Dan Brown.

Synopsis Source: Tribute.Ca

American Idol - Simon Cowell Homescreen

Download American Idol - Simon Cowell Homescreen Here.
Read Installation Instruction Here.

Simon Cowell’s honesty on AMERICAN IDOL has made him a household name in America. Cowell’s UK-based production company, SYCO, has just finished production of Season 2 of the No. 1 entertainment show in the UK, “The X Factor,” which began airing in the UK in September 2005, with Cowell executive-producing and starring. In December 2003, Cowell’s book “I Don’t Mean to Be Rude, But....” hit the stands, detailing behind-the-scenes information about AMERICAN IDOL.

A 20-year veteran of the music industry, Cowell is an executive with BMG Records. He has helped to shape the modern pop music industry. Over the last 15 years his acts have achieved sales of more than 100 million albums, and he has had over 50 No. 1 records. His most recent discovery is the pop-opera quartet Il Divo, whose debut album has sold over 5 million copies around the world and has entered into the top 5 in 23 countries. The UK version of AMERICAN IDOL, “Pop Idol,” is where Cowell became a celebrity in his own right.

Profile Source: American Idol Website

Kung Fu Hustle Homescreen

Download Kung Fu Hustle Homescreen Here.
Download Required Plugin: Smart Monitor
Read Installation Instruction Here

Set amid the chaos of pre-revolutionary China, small-time thief Sing aspires to be one of the sophisticated and ruthless Axe Gang whose underworld activities overshadow the city. Stumbling across a crowded apartment complex aptly known as "Pig Sty Alley," Sing attempts to extort money from one of the ordinary locals, but the neighbors are not what they appear. Sing's comical attempts at intimidation inadvertantly attract the Axe Gang into the fray, setting off a chain of events that brings the two disparate worlds face-to-face. As the inhabitants of Pig Sty fight for their lives, the ensuing clash of kung fu titans unearths some legendary martial arts Masters. Sing, despite his futile attempts, lacks the soul of a killer, and must face his own mortality in order to discover the true nature of the kung fu master.

Synopsis Source: Tribute.Ca

Astroboy Homescreen

Download Astroboy Homescreen Here.

Read Installation Instruction Here.

Astro's Story

In the year 2000, robot technology has advanced to an astounding level. Robot workers are common, and can be found performing duties in virtually every occupation around the world, from factory workers, to fireman and even nurses.

Doctor Boyton is the Head for the Ministry of Science. A brilliant professor who is dedicated to his work. For months, Doctor Boyton has been trying to create a new type of robot; A robot with a soul, a robot capable of human emotions. After many failed attempts, his son, Toby, suggests that his father creats a "boy robot". Inspired by his son's idea, Doctor Boyton relaunches his research with new found enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, Doctor Boyton's obsession with his research causes him to miss alot of time with Toby. After breaking too many fatherly promises, Toby runs away from home and is tragically killed in a car accident. Doctor Boyton, driven mad by his grief, goes on to secretly complete his robot with a soul in the likeness of his son.

This robot, is AstroBoy. A thinking, caring robot with a heart and soul.

Living with his newly built parents "Mum" and "Dad" his sister Uran and his dog Jump, AstroBoy lives his life as normal and happily as he can. He goes to school and has made many friends along the way. However having the abilities that he does, it is sometimes hard to stay out of trouble. Especially after he finds out that he has a brother by the name of Atlas, who has a hatred for humans and the way they treat the robots of the world. Using this hatred, Atlas tries to eliminate the human race.

AstroBoy, along with Doctor Elefun, are sometimes asked to lend a hand to help where they can. This can lead them into catastrophe and peril. Although with a lot of effort and a bit of luck, they manage to make it through in the end... most of the time.

Story Source: Astroboy Online

Homescreen Installation Instruction

Homescreens come in two (2) formats. It could either be a CAB file or an HME file.

To install a homescreen in CAB format:
1. Sync phone by attaching it to the USB cable
2. On your PC, run WinCE CAB Installer
3. Drag the homescreen CAB installer to the WinCE CAB Installer
4. Follow instructions on the mobile phone.

To install a homescreen in HME format:
1. Sync phone by attaching it to the USB cable
2. Open Microsoft Activesync
3. Click EXPLORE
4. Open Mobile Device
5. Navigate your way to \Storage\windows\Start Menu\Accessories
6. Copy the homescreen HME installer to the Accessories folder
7. On your mobile phone, press Start > Accesories
8. Launch the homescreen HME installer then follow instructions.

Use ThemeChanger to change homescreens.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hello Blogger, Hello Windows Mobile!

(noun) - A term used to describe themes (combination of images, color schemes, plugins, and sometimes sounds) used in Windows® Mobile smartphones. It is a great way to customize an otherwise dull and plain-looking mobile phone.

Homescreens will be available for download in the coming days.